AudienceScience Success Story

Intelligent IT Infrastructure solutions that deliver unmatched performance and platform flexibility

AudienceScience Success Story


Online advertising technology solutions

Business Need

Colocation and IP connectivity solutions

Internap Solution

Colocation services and Performance IP™ connectivity backed by Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology

Customer Overview:

AudienceScience is one of the world’s leading audience aggregators, enabling universal access to audiences and driving digital marketing success. The company’s comprehensive global media solution, premier audience targeting and data management platform, and media transaction platform deliver efficient and effective online advertising. This enables real-time bidding and transparent premium media buying and selling capabilities. With 270 billion data insights daily into more than 386 million people worldwide, AudienceScience makes it simple to find, reach and achieve one-to-one marketing quickly. Since 2003, AudienceScience has delivered more than 250,000 targeted campaigns for clients such as American Airlines, Financial Times, Gannett, New York Times Digital,, T-Com, Orange, Terra, Telecom Italia and Wall Street Journal Digital.

“We need to make sure our core business runs smoothly. Internap’s solutions allow us to focus on our strategic activities”

Steve McQuade
Vice President of Engineering & Operations

Business Challenge:

As one of the world’s largest and most trusted audience aggregators, AudienceScience works with high-caliber, high-volume websites from top-tier publishers and advertisers that produce large volumes of data. Ensuring that operations always run smoothly is the company’s key to maintaining their clients’ trust.

Bottom Line:

Since partnering with Internap, AudienceScience has increased their network performance with fewer billing and network management hassles. They have also enjoyed the flexibility of moving traffic between locations without having to worry about billing implications. AudienceScience is now able to access 386 million people worldwide, even faster, with a more reliable end-user experience.

Thanks to Internap’s diverse colocation facilities and IP solutions, AudienceScience can more effectively serve its international customer base while keeping network costs under control.


  • Moved traffic easily between points of presences without the worries of billing implications
  • Maximized the network performance needed for their real-time bidding technology platform
  • Removed complications associated with keeping up with multiple systems and networks

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