LiveWire Mobile Success Story

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LiveWire Mobile Success Story


Mobile entertainment

Business Need

Data center services

Internap Solution

Colocation services

Customer Overview:

Livewire Mobile offers a suite of digital content and mobile personalization services. Through full-track music offerings, ringback tones, ring tones, game apps, wallpapers and other services, Livewire provides white label storefronts as a service to mobile carriers and other companies. The company’s Infuse Personalization Platform is an end-to-end service delivery engine, while the Achieve Marketing Service delivers pre- and post-launch marketing support to attract and retain subscribers. Livewire’s expansive content catalog includes more than 10 million assets, fully matched across content types and licensing agreements with both major and independent labels.

“Internap not only offered the most competitive pricing among the colocation providers we considered, but they also had the largest suite of product offerings”

dMitri DeVos
LiveWire Mobile
Director of IT & Hosted Operations

Business Challenge:

Through acquisitions and internal growth, Livewire’s hosted operations had expanded its colocation footprint to five different facilities internationally. Sky rocketing colocation costs became apparent as other partners began charging premium prices for contiguous space due to their prime locations. Moreover, Livewire’s presence in different facilities was difficult to manage and support. As Livewire continued to grow, many providers were unable to offer the services and support it required. The bottom line: Livewire’s current colocation strategy was outdated and eating away at company profits.

Bottom Line:

Not every company can save money as they expand, but with the help of Internap, Livewire was able to reduce costs while planning for expansion. Internap’s scalable power and cooling systems allow Livewire to efficiently increase power in the data center without growing its footprint. In addition, Internap’s suite of services will help the company achieve its long-range vision of virtualization using a cloud environment.


  • Capability to save $500,000 over three years, which includes the cost of moving and purchasing equipment for a full technology refresh
  • Ability to fill cabinets to 95% capacity due to Internap’s expanded density capabilities
  • Flexibility to move to the cloud with a full suite of IT Infrastructure solutions

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