MovieStarPlanet Success Story

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MovieStarPlanet Success Story



Business Need

Data center services and Internet connectivity solutions

Internap Solution

Internap Managed Hosting and Performance IPTM services

Customer Overview:

MovieStarPlanet is a fun and secure website where children can participate in a virtual world using their own personalized avatar. Originally developed in cooperation with leading education authorities, MovieStartPlanet is gaining significant momentum among 8- to 13-year-olds. The interactive virtual avatar game and community lets tweens develop social and creative skills by designing their own celebrity avatars and animated movies, playing games, chatting with friends, creating looks and a lot more in a safe environment. In 2011, MovieStarPlanet expanded into seven new markets and now reaches more than 18 million users worldwide.

“We’re in a very competitive market, so ensuring that our real-time virtual avatar game and community is always available while delivering fast, seamless access is a top priority. Internap’s Performance IP network was a clear and obvious choice because of its 100% uptime service level guarantee and its 24/7 support team”

Peer Jakobsen
Chief Technology Officer

Business Challenge:

Headquartered in Denmark, MovieStarPlanet’s user base had been increasing at a rapid rate. The company’s need for server power was expanding at an equal rate, and its existing provider couldn’t keep up with the explosive growth. MovieStarPlanet needed a new managed hosting partner that could handle its large storage requirements, which the company predicted would increase exponentially as it entered the U.S. market later that year.

Bottom Line:

When a company reaches celebrity status, it needs to take immediate action to make sure that its fame isn’t fleeting. For MovieStarPlanet, that meant implementing technology to handle its growth seamlessly. In just three weeks, Internap designed a scalable, custom managed hosting solution that runs on a proven, fast and reliable infrastructure. Not only did MovieStarPlanet rapidly develop a U.S. customer base, but provided a consistently satisfying customer experience, ensuring that it stays on tweens’ A-list.


  • Deployed a managed hosting solution in just three weeks
  • Delivered fast, seamless access for website users above and beyond pervious provider’s capability
  • Provided flexibility to scale as the business evolved

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